Friday, November 14, 2008

Look What the Wind Blewinsky - from August 1998

Look What The Wind Blewinsky……
A New Musical (not for long)

Featuring the songs:
Impeach Me Not
I CAN Tell A Lie (featuring The “We’ve Come A Long Way Since George Washington” Dancers)
Mom, My Dress Is A Trophy (Please Do Not Dry-Clean)
Stand By Your Man (used without permission from T. Wynette)
What’s Going On Here? (Al Gore Solo)
I’ll Blow My Stack! (solo by Orin Hatch)
Chase Scene in the Map Room – Dream Ballet
When You Wish Upon A So-Called Independent Counsel (Starr)
How Long Has This Been Going On?

Phoebe Cates – as Monica Lewinsky
Bill Maher – as Bill Clinton
Barbara Streisand – as Hillary Clinton
Al Gore – as Al Gore
Drew Carey – as Linda Tripp and Kenneth Starr
Carrot Top – As Chelsea Clinton